Youth Ministry Policies, Manuals and Forms

This page contains diocesan policies, manuals and forms for use in parish Youth Ministry programs or events.If you need help with specific questions, contact Kathy Loney in the Diocesan Youth Office at (701) 356-7902 or email kathy.loney(at)fargodiocese(dot)org.


Safe Environment

Before any adult works with minors in the Diocese of Fargo, they must complete the Safe Environment Training for Church Workers. This applies to Youth Ministers, chaperones, counselors, drivers and anyone else who will have regular contact with minors. The following information must be on file at the parish for each employee and volunteer:

  • Acknowledgement that the Diocese of Fargo Code of Conduct (PDF) has been read.
  • Acknowledgement that the “Circle of Care” video has been viewed and discussed.
  • A copy of the “Authorization for Background Check” form.
  • Notice of Eligibility from the Diocese of Fargo.

A church worker cannot begin work with minors until all these forms are on file. Talk to your pastor or Youth Minister for more information. Additional information is available on the Safe Environment page. Forms are available on the Human Resources page.


Code of Conduct

All chaperones and other volunteers who work with youth must follow the policies given in the Diocese of Fargo’s Code of Conduct (PDF). For more information, see the Safe Environment policy, above.

Catholic Mutual Manuals

Catholic Mutual Group, the company which insures the Diocese of Fargo and all our parishes, has published two manuals to assist you in the details of any youth event or trip which will take you away from your parish, Field Trip Risk Management and a Youth Ministry Manual.

What is included in these manuals? Required forms; guidelines, tips, and checklists; training points for chaperones; internet and social networking usage suggestions, and much more! See details below.

What type of youth events should use these manuals? Religious education service projects, youth mission trips, summer camps, and ALL other youth events.

What forms are supplied? Parent/guardian permission form, driver information, injury reporting form, and others. See the details below.

Field Trip Risk Management Information

Catholic Mutual’s Field Trip Risk Management (PDF; dated: 1/22/2010) includes the following documents and forms:

  • “Statement of Policy”
  • “Adult Liability Waiver”
  • “Medical Information and Parental/Guardian Consent Form/Liability Waiver” (please use the “General Permission Form” given below)
  • “Transportation Policy”
  • “Driver Information Sheet”
Title page to Youth Ministry Manual
Youth Ministry Manual

Catholic Mutual’s Youth Ministry Manual (PDF; dated 5/16/2011) address the following issues and contains the following forms:

  • “What’s Going On” (advanced planning)
  • “How Do We Roll?” (transportation)
  • “Chaperone/Volunteer” (requirements and training)
  • “Details, Details, Details” (issues to consider)
  • “Parents in the Loop” (communicating with parents and guardians)
  • “Get the Word Out” (use of communication technologies)
  • “WWJD” (an event code of conduct, a sample is included at the end of the document)
  • “Camping Guidelines” (risk management of camping trips)
  • “Youth Trips Involving Overnight Stays” (risk management of trips away from home)
  • “Mission Work Trips / Service Projects”, including a chart of “Types of Mission Work Allowed by Age Group”
  • “Volunteer Driver Form”, including guidelines on “Unacceptable Drivers” and a “Driver Acknowledgement Form”
  • “Chaperone Guidelines/Behavior Standards” (a list of responsibilities)
  • “Adult Liability Waiver” form
  • “Incident Investigation Report for Injuries”
  • “Parent/Guardian Consent Form and Liability Waiver” (please use the “General Permission Form” given below)
  • “Network Security Policy and Usage” (guidelines for internet access, email, instant messaging, and video chatting; content of ministry web pages; social networking, with a section addressing issues with minors)
  • “Photograph and Video Consent Form” (parent/guardian consent for use of photographs and video footage taken during a youth event)


In addition to the forms included in the policy and manuals listed above, the following form is available:

General Permission Form

This Parental Consent and Medical Waiver Form (PDF) is for all events which your youth will attend away from your parish. It is based on the generic form supplied by Catholic Mutual and has been modified for the Diocese of Fargo. A parish simply needs to fill in their name and a description of the event.