Youth Events

There are many events scheduled throughout the year for teens. In addition to these events, CYAC (Catholic Youth Advisory Council) is an organization for teenagers who want to lead, to get involved planning, promoting and presenting events in and around the diocese.

For additional information, contact Kathy Loney in the Diocesan Youth Office at (701) 356-7902 or email kathy(dot)loney(at)fargodiocese(dot)org.


DATE: Saturday, October 12, 2019

PLACE: St. Catherine's School and Church
540 3rd Avenue NE, Valley City, ND
Registration 9:30am - 10:15am

CYAC will entertain (music, ice-breakers, etc)

Program begins with prayer at 10:15am by St. Catherine's Teens

THEME: "BE a WITNESS" This Jesus God raised up, and of that we are all witnesses!

ACTS 2:32

WHAT'S HAPPENING THIS DAY: Justin Fatica will be our keynote speaker along with his young adult missionaries. He will be with us twice that day, once in the morning from 10:30am-11:30am and in the afternoon from 1:30pm-2:30pm.


We'll have six very interesting workshops (two rounds). Reconciliation will happen from 11:45am-1:00pm, a short time of Adoration in the afternoon, a Eucharistic Procession (weather permitting), Mass with our own Bishop Folda and a great dance in the evening!

T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE: With your pre-registration through your parish, you can also order a t-shirt. We have our amazing 'Sacred Heart of Jesus' on the front, (see the logo) and on the back the words "Be a Witness." The t-shirt is navy blue. With your pre-registration the t-shirt is $10/person. If you purchase at the event the t-shirt will be $12/each. There will be a limited supply of t-shirts at the event.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER WITH PARISH: No later than Friday, September 27.

DEADLINE TO REGISTER WITH YOUTH OFFICE AT DIOCESE: No later than Tuesday, October 1. All paperwork must be into Youth Office at Diocese no later than Tuesday, October 1.

EXTRA CASH NEEDED FOR THE DAY: Yes, for the two concessions, food and spiritual!

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Catholic Youth Advisory Council (CYAC)

Catholic Youth Advisory Council (CYAC) is an active leadership youth council that plans, promotes and presents Diocesan youth events during the school year! Youth members and their adult advisers live throughout the Diocese of Fargo. They come together five times during the year to prepare, promote and present the Diocesan Youth Events. If you are interested in being on CYAC please contact Kathy Loney in the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Department of the Diocese of Fargo at (701) 356-7902 and let her know you are interested.

Further information regarding joining CYAC:

A student will need to be in the eighth grade and be willing to participate in work crew for the spring event that year. It is also important the youth think about who they can ask to be their adult adviser. It is important that the adviser be of the same gender as the student, be at least 21 and in good standing with the Catholic Church, have or are willing to participate in our Child Safe Environment program for the Diocese of Fargo (if they haven't already), can drive and participate with the student for each session (five a year) and both be willing to share and grow in their spirituality within the Catholic faith. If you enjoy brainstorming, collaborating with others, and making things rich in spirituality happen for the teens of the Diocese of Fargo, you are a candidate for CYAC. Contact Kathy Loney at (701) 356-7902.