Young Disciples FAQ

Where Will I Be Staying While I Am Serving on the Young Disciples?

You will be staying in host homes and sometimes rectories. The parish is responsible for providing meals, whether your host home does this or another family. Sometimes they even treat the teams for a night out.

How Will We Travel to the Different Parishes to Put on the Camps?

The Diocese covers the cost of renting a minivan which is also covered under our insurance policy.

How Can I Afford to Do This? Is There a Stipend?

Yes, you will be given a stipend of $1500 plus you can raise money on top of that.

Where Will Training Be Held and How Long is It?

Training will be held at the Pastoral Center in Fargo. It is 2 ½ weeks long. This includes:

  • 12 hours of Catechesis: Foundations of the Faith
  • 8 hours of Methods of teaching the faith/ Basic Elementary Classroom
  • 20 hours of Spiritual Life Formation
  • 26 hours on basic preparing and implementing the camp


  • 40 hours of on the road training with a full time supervisor
How Old Are the Team Members, and From Where Do They All Come?

The team members range in age from 18 to 30. We have had people travel here as far away as Slovakia.

Can I Earn College Credit?

Yes, several students have been able to count this program for credit. You just need to contact your university and ask if this will work in your field of study.

Will I Be Working with Different Cultures?

Yes. We have several Native American Reservations in the state who ask for camps every year.

Will I Get to Attend Mass Everyday?

Yes, the majority of the camps will have Mass for the children every day. Other times you are able to go before camp starts.

How Will I Get to North Dakota?

You can either fly into Fargo, or take the train or the bus. Once we know who is on the teams, we also will give out everyone's e-mails to see if people can get rides together. We will pick you up from airports, and/or train and bus stations. You just need to let us know when. You are responsible for the cost of getting to and from North Dakota and also for travel costs if you decide to go home for break.

Do I Get to Go Home at All During The Summer?

Once training starts we ask that team members be here for 10 weeks, but you do get to go home or on break for a week in July. It is usually over the 4th of July.

How Long Are the Camps?

Each camp is 4 or 5 days long for about 6 hours a day. The parish gets to decide the days and the time. So it will be different for each parish you travel to. Saturday is the travel day and set up day. Sunday, teams are expected to be at all the weekend Masses to talk about Young Disciples (short announcement) and also to meet parishioners and to spend time with team or host families. Monday morning camp starts, usually in the parish hall and classrooms.