Sacramental Records

Requesting a Current Certificate

Sacramental registers are retained at the parish. In general, current certificates are issued only to the individual requesting his/her record or to a person who has a legitimate reason for requesting a family record (such as the parent of a minor child or an immediate relative if the individual is deceased). Requests made by government or corporate agencies (e.g. Social Security Administration, immigration, insurance companies, etc.) or anyone other than those named above should be accompanied by a signed release by the person whose record is requested or by a legally qualified guardian, authorizing the release of the information. Download a copy of the Authorization For Release of Information (PDF).

Where to Begin to Look for Records

Individuals in search of their own sacramental record from an active parish can obtain their record directly from the parish.

Individuals in search of a sacramental record from a parish that is now closed can obtain it from the proper nearby parish. The locations of the recently closed parishes are listed below.

St. Bernard AcademySt. Bernard Academy

Closed Parishes and Where to Contact for Sacramental Records
  • Alice, St. Henry: contact Enderlin
  • Ardoch, St. John the Baptist: contact Minto
  • Bathgate, St. Anthony: contact Cavalier
  • Bremen, St. Joseph: contact New Rockford
  • Brocket, St. Joseph: contact Lakota
  • Burnstad, St. Clare: contact Napoleon
  • Cogswell, Our Lady of Mercy: contact Forman
  • St. Bernard Academy, Grand Forks, ND
  • Conway, St. Mark: contact Pisek
  • Courtney, St. Mary: contact Wimbledon
  • Crary (rural Rutten), St. Benedict: contact Devils Lake
  • Fried, Sacred Heart: contact Jamestown
  • Fulda, St. Anselm: contact Rugby
  • Gackle, St. Ann: contact Jamestown
  • Granville, Our Lady of Perpetual Help: contact Towner
  • Hansboro, Sacred Heart: contact Rolla
  • Hurdsfield, St. Patrick: contact Fessenden
  • Kintyre, St. Boniface: contact Napoleon
  • Lake Williams, Our Lady of the Lake: contact Steele
  • Leroy, St. Joseph: contact Walhalla
  • Lomice, St. Catherine: contact Lakota
  • Marion, St. Francis: contact LaMoure
  • Milton, St. Clotilde: contact Langdon
  • Minnewaukan, St. James: contact Devils Lake
  • Mount Carmel, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel: contact Langdon
  • Olga, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart: contact Walhalla
  • Orrin, Sacred Heart: Contact Rugby
  • Osnabrock, St. Joseph: contact Langdon
  • Page, St. James: contact Oriska
  • Rural McIntosh county, St. John the Baptist: contact Zeeland
  • Rural Logan county, St. Anthony: contact Napoleon
  • Rural Logan county, St. Boniface: contact Napoleon
  • St. Thomas, St. Thomas: contact Grafton

Use the Parish Locator to look-up the address of any parish in the Diocese of Fargo.

A request to the Archive can be made by:
  • using the Archive Sacramental Request Form (PDF)
  • submitting the request via an email
  • submitting the request in writing, using the following address, attention Archives

Very Rev. Andrew Jasinski, Chancellor
Diocese of Fargo
5201 Bishops Blvd, Suite A
Fargo, ND 58104
Phone: (701) 356-7950

There are a few exceptions where the Diocesan Archive, as the “repository of last resort”, has custody of the registers of a closed or merged parish. These records are located in the Archive at the Pastoral Center where they are properly cared for in a climate-controlled environment. There is a nominal charge for each record (see Fees and Donations).

Requesting Certificates for Genealogical Purposes

The information contained in parish sacramental registers can be a valuable source of information to genealogists. As indicated in the Sacramental Policy of the Diocese of Fargo, broader access is allowed to older records than more recent ones. At present, the cutoff date for greater access of sacramental records is the year 1930. However, to preserve the original registers from excessive use, the general public is only permitted access to the microfilmed copies of the actual records. The Archives contains a microfilm copy of the sacramental records of all parishes in the diocese and provides access to the microfilm through 1930.

NOTE: One may request a copy of a certificate for sacraments administered before 1931 for the normal certificate fee using the sacramental request form or by submitting this information in writing.

The Archive staff is willing to lend their expertise in locating sacramental records to a parish staff and to the general public.