Pro-Life Resources

Check out the annual calendar of Pro-Life Activities.

Lifetimes Newsletter

The Respect Life Office offers a weekly e-mail newsletter, Lifetimes, that provides timely news updates on pro-life issues, local events, legislative alerts, and editorials from national venues. If you would like to be on the email list to receive this newsletter, please email Rachelle at rachelle.sauvageau(at)fargodiocese(dot)org. Be sure to include your name, address and email.

Prayer Resources / Intercessory Prayers

Download the following resources and petition God for the respect of all human life:

Pro-life Organizations

View a listing of pro-life organizations (PDF) in the Diocese of Fargo, Pregnancy Help Centers, Maternity Homes, and Legislative contacts in North Dakota.

Spiritual Adoption of Unborn Children

program designed to encourage parishes to pray for babies in danger of abortion. Components include education about the development of the unborn child and collecting items for a “baby shower” to aid local pregnancy help centers.

Pro-Life Websites

Culture of Life Foundation

Culture of Life Foundation is a social policy research institute whose aim is to affect public policy by promoting and making available to the public scientific and other factual information relevant to debates about human life and dignity. The Culture of Life Foundation seeks as educator to deepen public understanding of bioethics, marriage and family, human dignity and human solidarity. is an educational effort of the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment (NCHLA) that provides accurate information on what the U.S. Supreme Court said and did in Roe and Doe, and related cases, and explains why Roe and Doe are fundamentally erroneous decisions that must be corrected through appropriate Court or legislative action.

National Committee for a Human Life Amendment

National Committee for a Human Life Amendment is dedicated to pursuing the full legal recognition of the right to life of the unborn child and provides educational resources and networking in support of pro-life legislation.

National Catholic Bioethics Center

National Catholic Bioethics Center has commentary on news, publications, and current issues and offers consultations with staff ethicists.

Priests for Life

Priests for Life is a national organization that offers resources for parish educational resources and public policy debate information regarding abortion.

USCCB Pro-Life Activities

USCCB Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities is the prime resource for the bishops' policy on teaching statements on pro-life issues. Information on the annual Respect Life Program and the Respect Life Catalog is also available, as well as up-to-date fact sheets on current issues and testimony submitted to Congress.