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If my hand is an occasion of sin, is it the body or the soul that is guilty?

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I remember Rogation Days when I was young. What ever happened to them?

Mothers impact other mothers on sidewalk

“God will continue to bless us for cooperating with his plan for our lives”

In Ephesians 2:8 Paul says, “for by grace you have been saved… not from works.” Does that mean our works mean nothing?

“It’s the way of the world,” he said, shrugging

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Even in an imperfect world, each life perfect to God

Humanae Vitae and the single girl

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“You don’t understand,” she whispered to me

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6 simple ways to help a family caregiver. And 6 things to avoid doing

To pray or not to pray, that is the question

I’m confused about Holy Days of Obligation and Vigil Masses. How do I know that I fulfilled my obligation? How do I know which Mass “counts?”