Liturgy Office

The Liturgy Office of the Diocese of Fargo serves as a resource for pastors and parishes.  The following are some of services the Liturgy Office provides:

  • Researching and answering questions on liturgical matters
  • Coordinating the regional Confirmation and First Eucharist schedule
  • Providing liturgical consultation prior to the building of a new church or renovation of an existing church
  • Assisting the Bishop by processing permissions for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Publishing liturgical guidelines
  • Promoting and providing for the liturgical formation of the faithful and liturgical ministers 

Reverend Matthew Kraemer serves as the Director of Liturgy for the Diocese. 


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Lent, Holy Week, and Easter Guidelines

Essential Liturgy Forms and Documents for Parishes: 

Schedule of Special Collections and Diocesan Liturgies:  

This document is not a complete liturgical ordo.  It contains only the dates for special collections and for special diocesan liturgies.  The liturgy office recommends that parishes purchase the Ordo (Book 6) published by Paulist Press.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:

If a pastor determines that he will need the assistance of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC), he must nominate parishioners who he attests to be suitable for the ministry.  These names are sent to the bishop for his approval (New EMHC Request Form).  After the bishop's approval is obtained, EMHC are liturgically commissioned and serve for a three year term.  The EMHC Guidlines booklet provides more details for selecting those who will serve as EMHC as well as material for their training.   

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA):

The Rite of Election is an important step along the way for those desiring to enter the Catholic Church.  This liturgy is held on the 1st Sunday of Lent at the Cathedral with the bishop presiding.  Please inform the Liturgy Office if your parish will be bringing catechumens or candidates to the Rite of Election (Rite of Election Intake Form).  It may be helpful to rehearse the liturgy with them prior to the event (Rite of Election Instructions for Catechumens and Candidates).

Preparing for a Visit from the Bishop:

A visit from the bishop is a blessed experience for any parish.  If the bishop's visit includes the celebration of the Eucharist, please fill out the Liturgy Planning Sheet and submit it to the Liturgy Office at least one week prior to the visit.  Don't hesitate to contact the liturgy office for assistance in planning the liturgy.    


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