Inactive Catholics

Many people know someone who was baptized as a Catholic and is no longer practicing the Faith. These inactive Catholics are our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, parents, relatives, and friends. Research shows that the largest religion in the United States is Catholic and the second largest is inactive Catholics. The key to any evangelization effort is love, a love that sincerely cares about the person and desires nothing less than what Jesus desires: that all "may have life and have it more abundantly." (John 10:10) We love because we are loved by God.

Parish Programs

In addition to the resources listed on the Evangelization page, the following programs may be used in parishes to help individuals journey back to the Catholic faith.

How To Bring Back Fallen Away Catholics

This is a four-CD series by Michael Barber available at Saint Joseph Communications.

According to popular author Michael Barber, M.A., we live in an exciting time of true Catholic Renaissance. He points to the many prominent converts and the fact that today the Catholic Church is the largest Christian body in the world. Unfortunately, the second largest is made up of ex-Catholics.

Why do so many Catholics leave the Church? How do we explain this tragedy? What do you say to the Catholics in your life that have fallen away to another religion, or even none at all? In this all-new four-CD series, you'll discover that being a true lay apostle today doesn't mean having all the answers. Rather, you'll learn the vital Biblical wisdom that shows what to do to become an effective evangelist-and also what to avoid! Discover How to Talk to Fallen-Away Catholics in your life.

Inviting Catholics Home: A Parish Program

Sally L. Mews wrote a book explaining her six week program. This resource came out in 2002 and is published by Liguori Press. Before explaining the program, she provides information on "why people leave the Church" and "why people return." She also has other published material to support this program.

Paulists Evangelization Ministries

In the program Catholics Reaching Out current active parishioners are encouraged to invite or reach out to those who are not practicing the Faith. A starter kit provide everything you need to do the simple programs. Aside from their intended benefit, they assist Catholics in becoming comfortable with the mission of evangelization. Other resources from the Paulists are available at Outreach to Inactive Catholics.

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