Jubilee of Mercy – Holy Doors and Pilgrim Routes

We shall cross the threshold of the Holy Door
fully confident that the strength of the Risen Lord,
who constantly supports us on our pilgrim way, will sustain us.

– Pope Francis
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An traditional part of a Jubilee is pilgrimage to a Holy Door. During the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, Bishop Folda has designated the following churches to have Holy Doors. To see the suggested pilgrimage route, click on the name of the Church. Pilgrimage routes also available in a printable handout (PDF).

Deanery Church with a Holy Door Deanery Church with a Holy Door
1 Carmel of Mary, Wahpeton 6 St. Cecilia, Harvey
2 St. Mary’s Cathedral, Fargo 6 St. Ann’s, Belcourt
3 St. Michael’s, Grand Forks 7 St. James Basilica, Jamestown
4 St. Stanislaus, Warsaw 8 St. Philip Neri’s, Napoleon
5 St. Joseph’s, Devils Lake    

Suggested Pilgrimage Routes to Holy Doors

Following are suggested pilgrimage routes to the Holy Doors throughout the Diocese of Fargo. Be prudent during the winter months. If it is too cold or otherwise too dangerous to be outside, prepare your passage through the Holy Door inside the church or chapel. While it is not necessary to make a pilgrimage to gain the Jubilee Year indulgence, you should spend some time spiritually preparing yourself to pass through the Holy Door.

Pilgrimage routes also available in a printable document (PDF).

Deanery 1

wooden doors
Pilgrimage Church: Carmel of Mary, 17765 78th St. SE, Wahpeton
Pilgrimage starting point: parking lot of the Carmelite Monastery
Route to Holy Door:
  1. From the parking lot, follow the driveway south (back toward the property entrance), to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Prairies (about 400 feet to the southwest)
  2. Follow the reflecting pond (keeping the pond on your right hand) to the First Sorrowful Mystery Silhouette, “The Agony in the Garden” (about 400 feet)
  3. Recommended prayer: the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, as you walk east to the next three Sorrowful Mystery Silhouettes and, finally, to the Crucifixion (about 350 feet)
  4. From the Crucifix walk north (about 600 feet) to the Holy Door of the Carmel of Mary which is the main chapel door.Enter the chapel through the Holy Door for some special time with Jesus.

Deanery 2

bricks being removed from door entryway
Pilgrimage Church: St. Mary’s Cathedral, Broadway and 6th Ave N, Fargo

Deanery 3

wooden doors
Pilgrimage Church: St. Michael, 520 6th St. N, Grand Forks
Pilgrimage starting point: Divine Mercy Chapel, Holy Family Church, 1018 18th Ave. S, Grand Forks

Deanery 4

people walking up stairs into church
Pilgrimage Church: St. Stanislaus, 6098 County Road 4, Warsaw
Pilgrimage starting point: field cross at the intersection of County Road 4 and 60th St NE (1 mile south of St. Stanislaus Church)
Route to Holy Door:

Caution: this route is on a public road without a sidewalk. Be attentive to traffic. Children should be accompanied by an adult. (Alternatively, begin in the St. Stanislaus rectory driveway.)

  1. Follow County Road 4 north to St. Stanislaus Church (1 mile)
  2. Enter the Holy Door, the central door at the top of the stairs

Deanery 5

door being blessed
Pilgrimage Church: St. Joseph, 501 4th St. NE, Devils Lake


Deanery 6

door being blessedPilgrimage Church: St. Ann, Highway 5 and St. Ann’s Road, Belcourt


door being blessed
Pilgrimage Church: St. Cecilia, 413 E. Brewster, Harvey

Deanery 7

Bishop Folda and Monsignor Wald in front of Holy DoorPilgrimage Church: St. James Basilica, 622 1st Ave., Jamestown
Pilgrimage starting point: St. John’s Academy, 215 5th St SE., Jamestown

(You can get to St. John’s Academy by way of Highway 281 or Interstate 94.From I-94, take exit 258 and go north on Highway 281 until 5th Street NE.Turn right (east) on 5th Street and proceed 2 blocks to St. John’s Academy. If traveling south on Highway 281, turn left on 5th Street.)

Route to Holy Door:
  1. From St. John’s Academy and walk west on 5th Street for 2 blocks and cross 1st Avenue (about 700 feet)
  2. Turn left on to 1st Avenue, and continue south for 1½ blocks to St. James Basilica (about 500 feet)
  3. Go up the stairs and through the central entrance. The Holy Door is located inside the church.

Deanery 8

door being blessed
Pilgrimage Church: St. Philip Neri, 401 Broadway, Napoleon
Pilgrimage starting point: St. Philip Neri Cemetery, southeast corner of ND Highway 34 and ND Highway 3
Route to Holy Door:

Caution: the first one half mile is on a public road without a sidewalk. (Alternatively, you may begin from Ave. G E.)

  1. From St. Philip Neri Cemetery, walk south along Highway 3 for ¾ of mile
  2. Turn a left on to Ave. C E.
  3. Enter St. Philip Neri Church from the south door and pass through the Holy Door on your left.

Additional Information

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