Endow - educating on the nature and dignity of women

ENDOW is an education program that brings women together to discover their God-given dignity and to understand their role in humanizing and transforming society. ENDOW promotes the New Feminism, which is defined by Pope John Paul II. The New Feminism recognizes and affirms the "true genius of women" and responds to our culture's desperate need for an authentic feminine presence in every aspect of life and society.

ENDOW Study Groups

ENDOW educates and inspires women through small study groups. By providing knowledge and fellowship in an intimate group setting, ENDOW also fosters a sense of belonging and gives women an opportunity to more deeply understand and personalize their faith. In turn, ENDOW Study Guides help women appreciate the beautiful gift of their womanhood.

The ENDOW study program is based on Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the writings of Pope John Paul II, and other well-respected Catholic thinkers.

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