Entry Level Catechist Certification

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You want to prepare and train those who hand-on faith… but how? Echoes is a parish-based training resource. It offers a well-rounded basic formation in the Catholic faith and aims to deepen the participants’ love for Christ and his Church.

Who is Echoes for?

It is great for those interested in parish catechesis, but is also engaging for any adult interested in the faith.

How does echoes begin in a parish?

Echoes is parish-based. It is led by a trained facilitator. Facilitator training requires 1½ hours of training. No previous experience is required.

Echoes facilitator training day

Training sessions are available upon request.   For more information, contact the Office of Catechesis.

Once a facilitator is trained, how does Echoes work in a parish?

There are 11 sessions in the complete course, no homework for participants, and minimum prep time for facilitators. Each session lasts about 1½ hours.