Grade 7-8 Curriculum


Grade 7 Standards Corresponding to Textbook (PDF) Updated Aug 23, 2018

Grade 8 Standards Corresponding to Textbook (PDF) Updated Aug 23, 2018

Additional Resources:

Bible review game that uses images of the holy sites as they look today: In the Footsteps of Jesus sold by Amazon or Cei books.

The Catholic Source book by Peter Klein. Great resource that explains some of our Catholic traditions such as why we say "God bless You" when someone sneezes or the meaning of a "Imprimatur" when listed on a book.

Google Expeditions allows students to see certain sites in a virtual reality experience or simply on-line in a 360 movable view.  For example, the holy sites in Jerusalem or even ancient Rome. 

St. Peter's Basilica in virtual reality

By now students should own their own bible and Catechism see St. Jerome Press for good deals.  

Student journals available on Amazon.  Students can copy down their favorite prayers, scriptures, lectio reflections, favorite saints stories, etc. 

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