Office of the Chancellor

The Office of the Chancellor is responsible for the diocesan archives, keeping records, tracking data for the parishes and diocese, processing Speaker Permissions, and the diocesan contact person for the parish evaluation process.

Very Reverend Andrew Jasinski serves as the Chancellor for the Diocese of Fargo.

Speaker Permission

Any time a priest, deacon or speaker not affiliated with the Diocese of Fargo gives a presentation on Church property or on behalf of the Church, the “Speaker Permission Form” must be completed and submitted to the Chancellor’s Office. The requesting organization must also make sure that a background check is completed for lay speakers.

Clergy Ministering in the Diocese of Fargo

If a cleric from outside the Diocese of Fargo will be doing ministry while in the Diocese of Fargo, he needs to submit a Testimonial of Good Standing from their diocese or religious congregation.

Annual Forms

Each year every pastor receives annual forms from the Chancery either at Presbyteral Days or in the mail. Please submit them according to the timetable specified in Chancellor Form Due Dates (PDF). For questions, please consult Help Notes for Completing Chancery Forms (PDF).

The following documents are available for download. At this time, these forms are not “fillable”. You need to print them out, complete them by hand and return them in the mail.

Diocesan Pastoral Council

The Diocese of Fargo Diocesan Pastoral Council is a consultative body to the Bishop. Its members assist him by advising him, presenting his questions to the faithful whom they represent, and assisting in coordinating diocesan activities. They also assist the faithful of the diocese by presenting their concerns and responses to the Bishop’s pastoral initiatives. In this way, the Diocesan Pastoral Council serves as a visible source of unity in the diocese.

Symbols of the Pastoral Council - Christ the King, diocesan coats of arms, a church, permanent diaconate, and a religious sister

Prior to a biennial meeting, each Deanery Pastoral Council submits a Deanery Pastoral Council report to the Diocese (MS-Word doc; also available as a PDF). These reports are sent to the Office of the Chancellor.

Guidelines for Maintaining Sacramental Records

To assist parish in maintaining sacramental records, the following Handbook is available.

Pastors should also refer to the Diocese of Fargo Policy Manual (login credentials required) for norms specific to the Diocese of Fargo.

Documents Related to Parish Reorganization