Catechetical Institute

The Diocese of Fargo Catechetical Institute provides programs for the formation of catechists, as well as other resources. While intended for the training of catechists, all the following programs are open to any interested adult.

Single Catechism Curriculum


Covers of text books

Bishop Folda has decreed that the textbook series Alive in Christ, by Our Sunday Visitor, will be used in grades 1-8 in all parishes and schools throughout the Diocese of Fargo. Parishes and schools may begin using this curriculum in the fall of 2017. Full implementation must be done by the fall of 2018.

For more information, contact Mary Hanbury: mary(dot)hanbury(at)fargodiocese(dot)org, 701-356-7909.

Catechetical Sunday 2019: “Stay with Us”

Jesus walking down a city street with two disciples

In 1935, the Vatican asked that every diocese acknowledge the importance of the Church’s teaching ministry and to honor those who serve as catechists. Throughout the years the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB] has produced materials to help parishes celebrate this event at the local level. For more information, visit and click on “Catechetical Sunday.”

Catechetical Sunday in 2019 will be on September 15; the theme is “Stay with Us”. It is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the role that each person plays, by virtue of the Sacrament of Baptism, in handing on the faith and being a witness to the Gospel. It is also a good opportunity for all to rededicate themselves to this mission as a community of faith. For resources for Catechetical Sunday,—a prayer for catechists, articles, commissioning service, clipart, etc.—visit the “Stay with Us” page on USSCB website.



The 11 session Echoes Program is entry level catechist certification. See the Echoes page to learn how to schedule this program for the your parish.

Video Library

Parishes in the Diocese of Fargo can borrow educational videos from the diocesan video library. Contact the Office for Catechesis. Browse online catalog to view titles.

DVD Presentations

In 2013, the Diocese of Fargo sponsored two presentations of part of the celebration of the “Year of Faith.” We are pleased to make the following resources available from these presentations:

Summary of Vatican II documents1. “The Documents of the Second Vatican Council” by Msgr. Paul Watson

2. “The Gift of the Catechism” by Dr. Petroc Wiley

  • A set of two DVDs of four talks given in Fargo is available. Each session is about 50 minutes long.
  • A Study Guide is also available. It contains questions, activities and discussion points for each of the four sessions.