Thoughts from the 8th grade graduating class of St. Alphonsus School, Langdon

by Graduating class of St. Alphonsus School


The eighth grade graduating class of St. Alphonsus School in Langdon. (submitted photo)

We want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout our years at St. Alphonsus School. We have made unforgettable memories while attending St. A’s, such as our close-knit classes and friends, and being able to grow and experience each day with them. We certainly won't forget going up and down the countless flights of stairs to get to our classes. St. Alphonsus has an amazing cook, Lisa Bakke, who makes wonderful meals. She has never failed to make us smile. We love to joke around with our awesome principal, Mr. Simonsen, even though he cannot catch a ball in PE class. We want to give a special thanks Father Phil and Father Steven who made weekly visits to our classrooms to help us better understand our faith. They even ate lunch with us sometimes. We also had Father McDermott and Father Dan play a part in building our faith and friendships. And finally, a special thanks to our teachers, past and present, for taking the time to help us when it was needed. We wouldn't be the people we are now without your guidance and generosity. You have made lasting impressions on our lives that we will never forget.

There are so many fond memories we experienced that we are not able to share all of them. Some of our fondest memories here at St. A's were the opportunities to spend time with our classmates as well as participating in many activities with other students in our school. Reciting the rosary every Tuesday during the 40 Days of Life Campaign, celebrating Catholic Schools' Week, attending weekly Mass, participating in service projects throughout the year, and just having fun. All we have experienced at St. A's has allowed us to not only connect with our parish community, but also with the Langdon community.


The kindergarten graduating class of St. Alphonsus School. (submitted photo)

And, a big thank you to our parents, who have given us this awesome experience by sending us to St. Alphonsus School, and for their dedication to our faith-based education. You have been our biggest fans all these years. We love you!

It has been an incredible journey while attending St. Alphonsus School. We would like to ask for prayers and blessings as we continue on to high school this fall. Thank you again and have a fun-filled summer.

Yours Truly,

The Graduating Class of 2017