Fund-raising for new Holy Cross Church is underway

by Paul Braun | New Earth


Architectural rendition of the exterior of the proposed Holy Cross Catholic Church in West Fargo. (submitted photo)

A fund-raising campaign to raise roughly $12 million to build a new church sanctuary at Holy Cross Parish in West Fargo is underway. A Mass was held on Sept. 14, which is the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The Mass was celebrated on the grounds where the new church will be built, which is adjacent to the north wall of the current parish administrative building. Mass was followed by an ice cream float social.

According to Father James Meyer, Pastor of Holy Cross, the new church is the culmination of a long-range plan of growth by the relatively new parish.

“We began to look at the needs we have at Holy Cross and have found that we need more space, and most importantly, a place to find solitude with the Lord,” says Father Meyer. “The proposed church is a perfect refuge to rebuild the relationship we need with Jesus. The good people of Holy Cross Parish have seen a state of growth for many years now, and with this growth came the plans for new development. The last piece in the grand puzzle is the new church space.”

Masses at Holy Cross are currently held in what will become the parish social hall. The new church will also feature a large gathering space as you enter. Some items from the current church will be brought over to the new church as well.


The proposed interior altar-area.Designers intend for the roughness of the church’s exterior to give way to a wall of refinement and polished look. (submitted photo)

“The crucifix will be the one used presently and will be within the triumphal arches, says Father Meyer. “The area will feature gold leaf, and Mary and John will adore the cross with us. This image will help us to desire the presence of Christ and we will want to join them in our journey. Our souls are ever being refined and this journey is no different. The building will speak to us as the roughness of the exterior will give way to a transitioning wall of refinement and polished look as if it were our very souls.”

What will make the new church stand out in particular is the massive bell tower on the northeast corner of the new building. Father Meyer says the tower will be grand, one of the tallest in the area, speaking to those who see it as marking a place to find God.

“Our call to worship within the building is a very unique approach as the saints will be very present to us, says Father Meyer. “Those attending Mass will walk through the parking lot, where we intend to have five saints, and then as they proceed inside the church they will be walking with the saints on either side as we journey to the new and heavenly Jerusalem.”

Plans for the new church are still being finalized and reviewed before approval by Bishop Folda. Father Meyer says the fund-raising campaign will be at a grassroots level, and construction cannot begin until all of the money needed is pledged and half of it raised and available.