Fargo-Moorhead i.d.9:16 a new young adult ministry to the area


Young adults gather at Nativity Church in Fargo for a Fargo-Moorhead i.d.9:16 Disciple Night. i.d.9:16 is a young adult ministry new to the area that meets that hopes to deepen personal conversion, foster communion, and help young adults understand what it means to be Catholic disciples in the world today. (Kristina Lahr | New Earth)

Fargo-Moorhead i.d.9:16 is a ministry by and for young adults in the Fargo-Moorhead area. We began about six years ago as a parish-based Catholic young adult ministry. Over the years, this ministry grew, and people from other parishes expressed interest.

Last October, a group of about 20 men and women gathered for prayer and discernment about what the Lord might be inviting us to start in the F-M area. These young adults eventually formed a leadership team and have spent the last nine months preparing to launch a chapter of a national outreach to Catholic young adults called i.d.9:16.

We officially launched F-M i.d.9:16 on Aug. 3 of this year. Our ministry is geared towards young adults, 20s, 30s, single, married, with or without kids, who live in Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding areas.

What’s with the name?

Many people ask us, “What does your name mean?”

The “i.d.” stands for our identity as intentional disciples of Jesus Christ. The term “disciple” means a student, a learner, a follower. By “intentional,” we mean that our decision to follow Christ is conscious and deliberate. As “intentional disciples,” we seek to actively embrace Jesus’ call to holiness and mission.

The “9:16” comes from 1 Corinthians 9:16 where Paul writes, “If I preach the gospel, this gives me no ground for boasting, for necessity has been laid upon me. Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel.”

This verse emphasizes the privilege and duty placed upon each disciple to be directly engaged in the evangelistic mission of the Church. It is here that disciples find their deepest identity. Evangelization is not an optional extra, but an essential element of the life of a disciple.

What do you do?

We gather on the first Thursday of every month for Disciples’ Night. The purpose of this gathering is to help deepen personal conversion, foster communion, and grow in an understanding of what it means to be Catholic disciples in the world today.

Each Disciples’ Night consists of Mass, dinner, and a compelling talk centered on one of the four pillars of discipleship: Initiate Conversion, Foster Communion, Embrace Truth, Arouse Mission.

What’s really cool is that all of the i.d.9:16 chapters across the United States gather together on the same evening, at the same time, for Disciples’ Nights. Each chapter celebrates Mass and enjoys dinner on their own, and then we all tune into the same live-stream talk. Following the talk, we have discussion at our tables and tune-in again for live Q&A where we can ask questions via social media. We end the evening with prayer and time to socialize.

What about opportunities outside of Disciples’ Nights?

FM i.d.9:16 participants are also encouraged to join a Men’s or Women’s Discipleship Group. These bi-monthly small groups serve two purposes:

• To provide a smaller environment where effective discipleship material can be examined, discussed, and applied to each person’s life.

• To develop life-giving relationships where members can be encouraged, challenged, loved, and held accountable.

In addition, we network with other Catholic ministries and area parishes to spread the word about events and other faith or social opportunities with which i.d.9:16 participants can get involved.

How do I get involved?

If you’re a young adult or know someone who is, we invite you to check out our website at www.fmid916.com where you will find more information about upcoming Disciples’ Nights and other events. If you’re a young adult interested in learning more about our leadership opportunities, please contact us at fmid916@gmail.com.

We invite all young adults to join us at our next Disciples Night, Thursday, Nov. 2. Childcare is provided throughout the evening. Register at www.fmid916.com/events.

Jackie Gow is the Youth and Young Adult Minister at Nativity Church in Fargo.