Eric Seitz ordained to the transitional diaconate

by Kristina Lahr | New Earth

Bishop John Folda greetsDeacon Eric Seitz. Deacon Seitz was ordained to the transitional diaconate at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fargo on Dec. 15. (Kristina Lahr | New Earth)

On Dec. 15, Bishop John Folda ordained Eric Seitz of Fargo to the transitional diaconate.

“The very word diakonia means service,” said Bishop Folda in his homily. “The Lord has given you an example that just as he himself has done, you also should do. As a deacon, you must open your heart to God so you might serve his people with love and with joy. Since no one can serve two masters, turn away from all defilement, all avarice, all self-serving, and give yourself generously to the One who has called you.”

Witnessed by family, friends, priests, deacons, and area faithful, Seitz declared his intention to carry out the office of deacon. He promised to hold fast to the mystery of faith, proclaim the faith in word and deed, embrace the celibate state and deepen a spirit of prayer by celebrating the Liturgy of the Hours.

Deacons are active in Christian ministry in parishes and hospitals, as well as service to the poor. A deacon is responsible for proclaiming the Gospel at Mass and may deliver homilies, preside at weddings and funerals and administer the sacrament of baptism.

Father James Goodwin assistsDeacon Seitz as he is vested with the stole and dalmatic, signs of the office of Deacon. (Kristina Lahr | New Earth)

The congregation prayed the Litany of Saints as Seitz lay prostrate as an expression of his total dependence on God. Bishop Folda then lay his hands on him, asking the Holy Spirit to descend upon him.

“When we recognize the face of Jesus in our brothers and sisters, we abide more fully in him,” said Bishop Folda. “Jesus is with us in them, especially those in need, and now you are called to serve him in a special way, drawing others into that same charity, a charity that evangelizes, that proclaims God’s love and truth.”

Deacon Seitz will return to St. Paul Seminary in St. Paul, Minn. for his final semester and will be ordained a priest on a later date.